Green Mountain Energy Expands in New York State

Green Mountain Energy Company, a retail provider of clean energy, will soon begin marketing its pollution-free Green Mountain Energy electricity to Niagara Mohawk customers in New York, the eighth state in which the program is available.

Austin, Texas – September 6, 2002 [] Green Mountain Energy Company has entered the state of New York as a result of a new Renewable Energy program in which Niagara Mohawk residential and commercial customers can choose to have their electricity produced by less-polluting, renewable sources – wind and hydropower – without switching electric providers. This new program for Renewable Energy is part of the Niagara Mohawk-National Grid merger and was approved by the New York State Public Services Commission on May 22, 2002. “We are thrilled to bring Green Mountain Energy electricity to the state of New York and offer our product to Niagara Mohawk customers,” said Paul Thomas, chief executive officer and president of Green Mountain Energy Company. “We are excited about the opportunity to grow and expand our business by entering a new key state, which helps us further our company’s mission to change the way power is made. This major milestone is especially satisfying given that Green Mountain Energy Company just celebrated its five- year anniversary.” All Niagara Mohawk residential and commercial customers are receiving more information on the program and an enrollment form in their September bill, which began arriving in the mail this week. In order to meet all of their electricity generation needs, customers can now purchase Green Mountain Energy electricity through Niagara Mohawk. After a customer signs up for Green Mountain Energy electricity, Niagara Mohawk will be notified of the customer’s decision. The surcharge for this pollution-free electricity will be included as a line item on the customer’s Niagara Mohawk bill. Niagara Mohawk will continue to deliver the customer’s electricity and provide customers service, including energy-related emergency response and monthly billing. Green Mountain Energy Company will be offering 100 percent pollution-free electricity that will consist of 85 percent hydropower and 15 percent wind and will be generated from renewable resources in the state of New York.
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