Green Energy Donation Rings in the New Year

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve ConEdison Solutions, a major energy service provider in the United States, will donate to the New York State power grid 83,000 watts of electricity generated by an upstate wind farm – an amount equal to the power used to light the New Year’s Eve ball and 2003 numerals in Times Square.

White Plains, New York – December 31, 2002 [] The electricity for the New Year’s Eve ball and numerals, equivalent to the wattage needed to power 10 large homes or 100 apartments, will be provided in partnership with Community Energy, Inc and certified as Green-e compliant by the Center for Resource Solutions. Products certified by the Center’s Green-e program have met consumer protection and environmental standards. The New Wind Energy is the product of Community Energy, Inc., and supplied by the recently dedicated 30 MW wind power farm in Fenner, NY, developed and owned by CHI Energy, Inc., with funding support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency. Community Energy, Inc. was founded in 1999 to expand the market for premium, clean energy – energy produced with no fuel or pollution. “With this donation, ConEdison Solutions is reaffirming its commitment to providing customers with electricity generated from environmentally-friendly energy sources,” said Thomas Ringwald, Managing Director with ConEdison Solutions. “This formally kicks off our marketing of green power, using wind energy as one source of that power, to residential customers in the greater New York City area, including the five boroughs and Westchester County.” ConEdison Solutions and Community Energy, Inc. are working together to make green power available to customers in the New York City region. The initial offering under this partnership is available to all residential customers in the ConEdison and Orange and Rockland service territories. The product, supplied by New Wind Energy and small, run-of-the-river hydro power, is completely emission-free. ConEdison Solutions’ green power offer is Green-e certified.


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