Green Energy Act Dominates Power of Water Conference

Ontario’s Green Energy Act, enacted last month, dominated discussions at the 2009 Power of Water Conference, held Oct. 15-16 by the Ontario Waterpower Association.

About 225 delegates attended the two-day event, which featured several keynote speakers, including Natural Resources Minister Donna Cansfield.

The Green Energy Act, which includes a feed-in-tariff program for renewable energy producers, has been described as ground-breaking policy by many renewable energy experts. (HydroWorld 9/30/09)

“The act is helping us meet our commitment to eliminate coal-fired power by 2014,” Cansfield said. “It is the single largest climate change initiative in Canada.”

“The act is contributing to changes in our whole approach to energy and is a crucial component of our plan to become a leading green economy in North America,” she said.

The feed-in-tariff program includes price supports for hydropower. Under the program, hydropower producers will be paid 13.1 cents per kWh for up to 10 MW over a 40-year term. The rate is 12.2 cents for 10 MW to 50 MW over the same period.

Cansfield noted that a feasibility study on the proposed 25-MW Newpost Creek hydro project in Little Abitibi Provincial Park is nearly complete.

“Once it is finalized, it will give us the framework of policy that would allow us to consider taking steps to enable waterpower development of key potential hydropower sites that are within protected areas,” she said. (From


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