Green Cohousing Community Forms in Southwestern New Hampshire

Peterborough, New Hampshire [] New Hampshire’s first green co-housing community — renewable energy ready and energy efficiently designed — will feature 29 custom-built homes when it is complete later in 2007. Clustered on four of the 70 acres along the Nubanusit River in Peterborough, New Hampshire, the environmentally designed duplexes, fourplexes, and single-family homes will feature south-facing roofs to embrace solar technology for electricity and hot water, and a centrally located pellet boiler using a locally produced biomass fuel to provide heat and hot water. Additionally, the neighborhood has been wired internally for “getting off the grid” in the future using wind or water power. The homes, office space, and organic farm will meet high standards for energy efficiency, with homes outperforming Energy Star-rated homes by 15%, significant open-space preservation, and a walk-to-town location. Reduced-cost homes are planned to attract young families. Please visit the website to see other energy-efficiency features.
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