Great River Energy Studies Proposals for New Wind Energy

Great River Energy took another step toward significantly increasing the amount of energy its members receive from renewable resources when it chose several wind energy proposals for in-depth evaluation.

Each proposal represents between 6 MW to 120 MW of wind energy, including some Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED) projects. Great River Energy plans to add at least 120 MW of wind energy to its generation mix by the end of 2007. Great River Energy issued a Renewable Energy Request for Proposal (RFP) last fall with proposals due by mid-December. Thirty-one developers responded with more than 50 proposals. The majority of the proposals were for wind energy projects, but three developers proposed other types of renewable energy including landfill gas, biomass and pipeline compressor heat recovery projects. “The wind energy proposals were the most competitively priced, and these projects rose to the top,” said Stan Selander, Great River Energy resource development administrator. In this next phase, the proposed developers — PPM Energy, Horizon Wind Energy, and others — are being asked to further address specific issues related to transmission, pricing, operations and equipment, among other things. Winning bids will be selected by Great River Energy later this spring. The number of proposed projects that Great River Energy is studying significantly exceeds the amount of resources sought in the RFP. Depending on the outcome of negotiations with these possible developers, Great River Energy anticipates selecting more resources than were requested.
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