Governors Doyle, Richardson Announce $1 M for Renewable Energy

Governor Jim Doyle joined with New Mexico Governor and former U.S. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson in announcing $1 million in new state funding for renewable energy and calling for a new national energy policy that focuses on energy independence. “This new state funding will encourage innovative new energy technologies across our state that will help the nation kick its addiction to oil,” said Governor Doyle.

Governor Doyle said his administration will distribute $1 million in grants to innovative companies that are developing new technologies to increase renewable fuels and lead the way to energy independence. As part of this new state funding, the Governors presented a grant of $115,000 to Lucigen, Inc. in Middleton and $90,000 to CBT Wear Parts and Growing Power in Milwaukee. Lucigen is a growing company that is developing new enzymes that increase the production of renewable fuels. CBT Wear Parts is partnering with Growing Power to convert food waste into natural gas to heat Wisconsin homes. Other allocations include $60,000 to Badger Biodiesel, Brooklyn, to create a mobile processor that can convert oilseeds (such as soybean, sunflower, and canola seeds) into finished biodiesel fuel; $45,000 to Western Wisconsin Energy, LLC, Wheeler, to identify alternative sources of energy to power the ethanol production process (wood, distiller’s grains, syrup, manure, straw and other agricultural byproducts); $260,000 to Cashton Area Development Corporation for an operational unit to convert agricultural and other biomass into gas and char that can be burned as fuel. “Now is the time to plan for the future by reducing our dependence on foreign oil and developing alternative fuels,” said Governor Richardson. “Our ecological security, our economic security, and our national security are tied to our energy security. We call on the President and Congress to partner with us to start taking energy issues seriously in order to make America stronger and more secure.”
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