Governors Challenge U.S. Leaders to Create Clean Energy Future

Governor Bill Ritter (D-CO) challenged Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) to an arm wrestling match over creating a new generation of jobs at a gathering of business, environmental and labor leaders during the Apollo Summit in Washington, DC.

Patrick, who spoke before Ritter, outlined Massachusetts’ goal to attract companies working to build a green economy. “I don’t just want wind farms. I want companies that build turbines. I want hybrid vehicle companies to consult us on conservation strategies. I want companies that design solar panels. The whole integrated industry can have a place in Massachusetts and in the U.S.,” said Patrick. “If we get this right, the whole world will be our customer.” When Ritter heard the remarks he made it clear that his state would compete for those same jobs, noting that investing in clean energy will provide good jobs. “Governor Patrick talks about bringing jobs to Massachusetts. We’re going to arm wrestle you for those jobs because we want those same manufacturing plants,” said Ritter. “We want to be the vertical part of the industry. It’s a good thing to have two governors competing for those jobs, competing in this industry to build out the turbines, competing to have the wind farms located in their state. That’s the right way for us to think about it.” Apollo Alliance president Jerome Ringo, whose organization sponsored the summit, introduced the governors and announced that his group plans to make energy independence a key issue in the presidential campaigns.
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