Governor Pawlenty Introduces Next Generation Energy Initiative

More renewable energy, more energy conservation, and less carbon emissions for Minnesota are the benefits from the Next Generation Energy Initiative announced by Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in his address to the Midwest Ag Energy Network Summit.

The Governor’s proposals will build on Minnesota’s nation-leading per capita renewable fuel use, one of which is to move the state closer to 25% of all types of the state’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2025 (25x’25). Pawlenty plans to expand the state’s Renewable Energy Objective (REO) to 25%. Under the current REO, Minnesota electric utilities are expected to generate at least 10% of the electricity they supply to come from renewable resources by 2015. Other plans include E85 Everywhere, a program that would quintuple the number of E85 pumps in the state by 2010, an increase from 300 to 1800 in four years; it would promote the development of cellulosic ethanol and advanced biomass technologies in Minnesota through sources of funding; and proposes other energy-efficiency measures.
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