Government Honors Employees Who Save With Renewables

The United States Navy and the Energy Team at the NASA space agency are among federal teams and employees that have been honored for improving government energy management and the use of renewable energies.

WASHINGTON, DC, US, 2001-11-01 [] “The Department of Energy honors 43 federal groups and individuals whose energy-efficiency projects have saved the American taxpayers over $33 million in energy costs in one year,” says energy secretary Spencer Abraham. NASA’s Energy Team received the award for its integrated group that formed a corporate Energy Efficiency Board to provide an agency-level forum to guide the planning and implementation of energy efficiency activities. The team successfully negotiated five Energy Savings Performance Contracts and one Utility Energy Savings Contract, which resulted in improvements that will save eight million gallons of water annually and remove thousands of PCB-using lighting ballasts. As well, the agency has used wind, solar, geothermal and landfill gas energy in innovative and cost-effective applications, including one wind project that will recoup its costs in nine years. Landfill gas recovery will save $330,000 annually in energy costs. An award was presented to the Navy’s Southwest Region Regional Energy Program Office, which was formed to respond to spiraling prices and electricity shortages in California. The office’s demand-side initiatives helped the local utility avert Stage 3 alerts and regional rolling outages. It is also installing a 21.6 kW photovoltaic system, in partnership with the utility, the state and private sector companies. The system will generate 39,420 kWh a year and cut demand by 20 kW during mid-afternoon peak usage. The PV system will reduce emissions over its 20-year life of 1,111,644 pounds of CO2, 9,461 pounds of SO2 and 3,942 pounds of NOx.


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