Google Says Moving Away from Fossil Fuels Could Cost US $4.4 Trillion this week presented a plan to reduce fossil fuel dependence in the United States by 2030 in both the electricity and transportation sectors. According to research done by Google, the plan would cost approximately US $4.4 trillion to implement and could save consumers US $1 trillion over 22 years. The plan would also create new jobs.

Google said the country will have to improve electrical transmission capacity and invest in research to make renewable energy more cost effective for the plan to be made possible. Mileage standards for cars would also have to be raised to 31 mpg to 45 mpg, and infrastructure, including charging stations for plug-in electric hybrid vehicles will need to be built.

“We see a huge opportunity for the nation to confront our energy challenges. In the process we will stimulate investment, create jobs, empower consumers and, by the way, help address climate change,” Dan Reicher, director of Google’s climate change and energy initiatives, and Jeffery Greenblatt, climate and energy technology manager for said in a blog post.

To read the full plan, click here.

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