GM & Mascoma Enter into Biofuels Development Deal

General Motors Corp. (GM) and Mascoma Corp. announced a strategic relationship to develop cellulosic ethanol. The development will focus on Mascoma’s single-step biochemical conversion of non-grain biomass into low-carbon alternative fuels to help address increasing energy demand.

Mascoma has raised equity from venture capital investments and secured more than US $60 million in state and federal grants, including the recent awarding of a US $26 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Mascoma’s single-step cellulose-to-ethanol method, called Consolidated Bioprocessing lowers costs by limiting additives and enzymes used in other biochemical processes.

“Taken together, these technologies represent what we see as the best in the cellulosic ethanol future and cover the spectrum in science and commercialization,” GM President Fritz Henderson said. “Demonstrating the viability of sustainable non-grain based ethanol is critical to developing the infrastructure to support the flex-fuel vehicle market.”


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