Global Green Job Growth; PPAs Enabling U.S. Community Wind

There are now 2.3 million people working directly or indirectly in the renewable energy industries around the world, according to a new report from the Worldwatch Institute. As job growth in this sector continues, the fossil energy industries are seeing a decline in jobs, despite an increase in production.

In this program, we’ll speak with Worldwatch’s Michael Renner about where the most jobs are being created, why the fossil energy industries are seeing a decline in jobs, and what exactly people mean when they talk about green collar jobs.

Also in the podcast: How one North Dakota college is trying to meet the demand for wind power in the state. Doug Darling of Lake Region State College tells us about the school’s planned wind technician program and why wind jobs are so important for the community.

Finally, MMA Renewable Ventures recently entered the wind market by agreeing to finance, own and operate a 10-megawatt wind farm in Oregon. The deal will help landowners there develop the project and eventually own it. MMA’s Moira Geraghty tells us why the deal is so important for community wind projects in the U.S.

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