Global Energy Systems Signs Deal for Landfill Gas Project in Florida

Global Energy Systems, a subsidiary of Global Energy Holdings Group Inc., announced it has signed an agreement with Charlotte County, Florida for the development of a landfill gas sequestration and energy facility at the Charlotte County Zemel Road landfill.

The Zemel Road landfill generates methane, a natural gas, created from the decomposition of its waste. Under the terms of the agreement Global Energy Systems purchased all the rights for landfill gas generated at the Charlotte County, Florida Zemel Road landfill from North American Natural Resources-Southeast LLC.

Through the purchase, Global Energy Systems has the exclusive right to construct and operate a landfill gas to electricity project at the Zemel Road landfill. Global Energy Systems expects to make a US $6 million investment at the landfill for infrastructure and power generation equipment.

“The landfill will provide enough gas to generate enough electricity to power 1,500 homes in Charlotte County every year. This proactive approach to carbon dioxide emissions reductions has the equivalent benefit of removing 17,000 vehicles from our roadways,” said Charlie Wall, COO of Global Energy Systems.

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