Global Cogenix Plans Small Hydro Facility for West Coast

A small hydroelectric facility will be built on Canada’s west coast, with support from a utility in Alberta.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, CA, 2001-11-15 [] Global Cogenix Industrial Corp of Vancouver has signed a joint development agreement with EPCOR Power Development Corp of Edmonton, to complete a 10 MW run-of-river facility at Log Creek, British Columbia, 200 km northeast of Vancouver. The permitting and licensing required by the B.C. Water Branch will be handled by EPCOR, which will also complete the design in order to start construction as soon as possible following regulatory approval. Construction is anticipated to cost C$12.5 million. Much of the cost would be classified as Canadian Renewable & Conservation Expense, which will allow specified costs to be fully deductible or included in flow-through share agreements. EPCOR is the former municipal utility of Edmonton, Alberta, which generates power with natural gas, coal, small hydro, landfill gas, wind and biomass. GCI is a public company that has installed a hydro technology at Scuzzy Creek on the Fraser River, which officials claim can yield 115 percent capacity in a 7 MW plant that can be operated by a single person. The plant has been in commercial operation since 1995, and was originally built for $14 million. The company wants to develop hydroelectric power projects each year for the next three years.


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