Giving Back to Renewable Energy

This year we’ve made our gift to the Solar Electric Light Fund. In the last RE Insider of the year, we hope to encourage your giving as well.

As 2002 comes to an end, our snail and e-mailboxes overflow with requests from charities that we have chosen to support in past years. All are worthy causes, but this year we are focusing our charitable support on an organization at the forefront of bringing Renewable Energy to the developing world. It was at once a difficult and easy choice. Difficult not to support our favorite charities once again, yet easy because we know our 2002 contribution will go directly to improving the lives of people worldwide with Renewable Energy technology. This year we choose to support the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF). For years SELF has helped rural villagers in developing countries improve their lives tremendously by providing Renewable Energy systems for home and business use. Highly respected for its efforts, SELF continues to do an outstanding job of delivering clean energy solutions to the world‚s neediest families year after year. We invite you to join us in the spirit of giving and support SELF by sending your tax-deductible gift today. You may mail them a gift or donate online. Click on the link below to learn more about SELF‚s positive impact on our world. Of course, there are many other organizations that need support as well. If you would like to share your favorite choices with us, please use the Interactive News Forum below. We‚ll spread the word. If you can’t afford a monetary gift, please remember to volunteer for a local group or organization of your choice. Either way, it is the spirit of giving that counts.
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