Germany Sets Quotas for Biofuel in Fuel from 2007

Berlin, Germany [Planet Ark] Germany’s ruling coalition has agreed to introduce compulsory quotas of biofuels to be mixed with fossil fuels by refiners from the start of 2007, the finance ministry said on Tuesday. The ministry said the conservative-Social Democrat government’s plan would compel German oil refineries to blend two percent biofuel content in petrol until 2009, and 4.4 percent biodiesel content in conventional diesel. In March, the ministry had indicated the blending quota on diesel fuel would be as high as 5.75 percent. The quotas will be tradeable, meaning that oil refineries which voluntarily use more than the minimum amount of biofuels will be able to sell the surplus quota to those that undershoot the target. Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck said the deal strengthened biofuels’ position in Germany. …
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