Germany improved 50% FIT to support renewable energy

Recently, European countries have uncharacteristically focused on the other terms instead of decreasing the subsidies for renewable energy such as solar power. France has said that they would provide an extra 10% FIT subsidy for the European-made PV system. However, according to the foreign report, the German Dept. of Environment claimed that they would rectify the rate of expansion of renewable energy financing in order to control the cost and eliminate nuclear power in 2022.


Peter Altmaie has put forward to reform the FIT system and invest encourage policy of solar power, wind solar inverter power, biomass and other renewable energy. These energies has provided a quarter power fo Germany.


The FIT funds will mainly com from the electricity inverter price tax paid by all the families. The activity of expand renewable energy will charge another 50% tax rate from next year.


Minister of the German Dept. of Environment said, ‘If Germny wants to finish the goals of the 40% of the renewable energy in ten years and 80% energy goal in 2050, we have to reform the FIT system.’

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