German Conservatives Up Renewables Ante

In a German Press Association news report, Germany’s CDU (Christian Democratic Party) is proposing to raise the country’s renewable energy targets.

Germany currently has the most aggressive renewable energy policy on the planet. The CDU, not to be outdone by the former ruling party, has proposed raising the country’s renewable energy target of 20% of the electricity supply in 2020 to 35%. The CDU, Germany’s leading conservative party, also proposes raising the renewable energy target in heating from 20% of supply to 25% and in transportation fuels to more than 20% of supply by 2020. In a potentially ambitious effort to take the green mantle from Germany’s SPD (the Social Democratic Party), the CDU is proposing to raise the renewables target of total energy supply in 2050 from the current 50% to a “majority share”. Unlike other countries with less ambitious targets, Germany has implemented policies to reach its renewable energy targets. Germany is the world’s leader in solar, wind, and biogas energy development. Paul Gipe is a wind industry analyst who has written extensively about wind energy for both the popular and trade press.
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