Geothermal Venture Proceeds to Next Phase

Encore Clean Energy announced that based upon the Company’s recent demonstration of its Phase One Magnetic Piston Generator (MPG) prototype, ThermaSource Inc. has agreed to proceed to Phase Two of its agreement with the company.

Phase Two includes the formation of a geothermal energy development company whose activities will initially be restricted to exclusive operations in the geothermal-rich territory of California. In Phase Two, the Encore/ThermaSource venture proposes to engineer, build and demonstrate a larger-scale MPG, designed to be installed on a geothermal well-bore, connected to heat exchangers in a closed-loop for converting the “free fuel” of geothermal heat into a valuable new source of electricity. ThermaSource has received a conditional commitment letter from a major geothermal facility in The Geysers geothermal field in Northern California to test the Phase Two MPG geothermal heat recovery unit.


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