Geothermal System for Texas Home

February 2, 2004 [] The Energy Miser heat pump system by DeMarco Energy Systems of America is being installed in the energy-efficient concept home being built by a joint venture of a local television station and some master developers and designers in Austin, Texas. There are several of these homes that will be built in various locations around the United States. According to DeMarco Energy their geothermal system fits within the strict parameters and is environmentally friendly in many ways. Some of these include no burning of fossil fuels, no outdoor equipment, quiet operation and supplying up to 70 percent of the home’s hot water needs (for free) as a special byproduct. DeMarco Energy’s geothermal heat pumps use one-third of the energy of a standard air-conditioning/heating system, which the company claims translates into an energy bill reduction of 40 percent to 70 percent.
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