Geothermal Mapping Next Project Step

Nevada Geothermal Power has received US $148,000 in funding from project partners the U.S. Department of Energy and Noramex, NGP for the next phase of its Blue Mountain Geothermal project. The company is close to completing a temperature gradient drilling program at the Blue Mountain project in Nevada. Eight holes have been drilled to depths up to 1020 feet (311 meters) using an air rotary rig to map the subsurface thermal anomaly outward from the central thermal zone. Results from the current drilling combined with earlier temperature gradient data and test wells Deep Blue No. 1 and 2 will be used to determine the optimum location for two production test wells. NGP holds 100 percent interest in the 12-square miles of geothermal leases at Blue Mountain, and plans to develop a 30 MW generating plant there. An independent report has been commissioned to summarize available results, estimate the most likely energy reserves, and provide an updated discounted cash flow analysis.
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