Locking up the Earth’s Heat: Geothermal for Jails

Jails are the perfect place for renewable energy systems. Because they are so energy intensive, administrators and taxpayers are always looking for new ways to reduce energy needs and satisfy electrical, heating and cooling demands on site. In this podcast, we’ll visit a LEED-certified correctional facility where a large, ground-source geothermal heat pump will be warming and cooling the building.

Cheshire County Administrator Jack Wozmak walks us around the new jail in Keene, New Hampshire and shows us the ins and outs of the geothermal system.


We’ll also walk around with Arthur Thompson of the architectural firm SMRT, who will tell us why renewables and energy efficiency are so important when building a jails today.

In life, every action has a reaction — that’s why some people find themselves in jail. But the same is true for energy as well. There are always consequences for the energy choices we make, both clean and dirty.

We’ll speak with Mike Auerbach of the Desert Research Institute about the environmental impact of developing geothermal and other renewables. And more importantly, he’ll highlight the even greater impact from not developing renewables.

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