Geothermal Exploration in the Philippines

Philippine Energy Secretary Vincent Perez said Monday his country is considering geothermal energy as an alternative source of power.

MANILA, The Philippines April 10, 2002 [] “We have a good source of geothermal energy because we have a lot of volcanoes in the country. We’re the world’s second biggest geothermal energy producers,” Perez said. The government is exploring areas in the country including Leyte, Laguna, and Albay in northern and central Philippines where there is possible rich supply of geothermal energy. Perez said the Philippines has “enough expertise” to be able to tap its geothermal resources. Geothermal energy provides 27 percent of the total electrical generation in the Philippines, an archipelago which lies between the Pacific Tectonic Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, according to a World Bank report on geothermal energy.


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