Geothermal Drilling Underway for Orita I & San Jacinto Projects

Ram Power Corp. announced that it has started the six-well drilling program permitted for the Orita I geothermal development project which is underway in Imperial County, California. This drilling program will define and test the resource zones that will supply steam to the planned 49.9-megawatt (MW) Orita I power plant.

Ram Power Inc. has contracted Nabors Drilling USA to use Nabors Drilling Rig 415 to test both permeable sand units and fault fracture units within the depth range of 7,000 to 10,000 feet to delineate the quality of the reservoir system. Spud date for the Orita well no. 2 location was April 8, 2010 and it is expected to require 45 days to drill, complete and test this first well. Drilling is planned to develop resource fluids contained in competent rock units at temperatures in excess of 400°F.

The Orita resource area was explored previously by operators active in the 1980’s and the area was designated as a Known Geothermal Resource Area with identified resource temperature of 574°F and wells tested at commercial flow rates. The 49.9 MW Orita I project is expected to be completed by the end of 2012 and power will be sold to Southern California Edison under an existing power purchase agreement with Ram Power’s subsidiary Orita Geothermal I LLC.

Regarding the 72-MW San Jacinto project in Nicaragua, Stu Johnson, Ram’s VP for geothermal resources  said, “The Norwood drilling rig is on site and will commence drilling next week. ThermaSource rig 104 has been shipped from Long Beach, California to the site and will commence drilling by the end of April. Using two drilling rigs with different capabilities will assure the completion of the drilling program for the full 72 MW project before the end of 2010. Construction continues on site in earnest to meet the 2011 deadline.”

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