Geothermal Companies Enter Business Relationship

Imperial PlasTech Inc. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Ameriplast Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia, has entered into a contract as primary supplier to one of North America’s leading manufacturers and distributors of geothermal systems for residential, commercial and institutional heating applications.

TORONTO, Ontario 2002-03-14 [] Geothermal systems are used to heat and cool homes and buildings by exchanging energy with the earth by way of buried loops of pipe. The Environmental Protection Agency in the US considers these systems as one of the most energy efficient heating and cooling technologies available and they operate at a fraction of the cost of ordinary HVAC systems. In the US the geothermal market represents 150,000 units annually giving it considerable potential for growth in a HVAC market that involves 6.6 million units annually. “The establishment of this relationship is another step in executing our strategy to leverage our core competencies and product lines into new markets that offer strong growth potential,” said Victor D’Souza, President and CEO. “The contract is also another example of how we are building a presence in the United States through our Ameriplast subsidiary.” Established in 1989, Imperial PlasTech Inc. is a specialty plastics manufacturer supplying high tensile conduit used in the installation of fiber-optic cable networks, plastic pipe for the residential, industrial construction and oil and gas industries, and industrial plastic hose. Operating out of three facilities in Peterborough, Ontario, two in Edmonton, Alberta, and one in Atlanta, Georgia, the Company’s strategy is to continue to grow both internally and through the acquisition of additional plastics manufacturing businesses.
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