Geodynamics Continues Testing for Geothermal Plant

Before Geodynamics Limited will move ahead on its intention to develop the Habanero geothermal project in GEL 97 and 98 northeast of Moomba in South Australia, two key test factors need to be satisfactorily completed.

The company, which was formed solely to focus on developing renewable geothermal energy generation from hot dry rocks (HDR) in Australia, would be developing Australia’s first pilot power plant to use geothermal heat as its fuel source to generate electricity. The project plans to circulate water between 4 and 5 kilometers deep drill holes within hot granites and return the superheated water to surface where the steam would be used to drive generators for electricity. The company will know the outcome of test work on the level of friction as water flows between the two test wells, by the end of June, as well as how long the current target granites take to cool down to below sub-economic temperatures as water is circulated continuously between them, explained Mr. Bertus de Graff, Geodynamics’ Managing Director. “These are the only two key factors awaiting determination before we are clear to make a decision on proceeding with the first pilot plant in Australia to use hot rocks as a fuel source,” Mr. de Graaf said. “Success with the pilot plant will create the environment where decisions can then be made to establish large base load geothermal fuelled power stations of thousands of megawatt hour capacity in the province,” he added.
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