Genco to Build Biogas Facility in Canada

Genco Corporation has announced plans for the construction and operation of a biomass and biogas production facility in Melbourne, Ontario, Canada. Once fully operational, the facility will generate 11.4 megawatts (MW) of power. All of the power generated from the project is eligible under the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Pricing, at a rate of CAN $0.12 [US $0.12] cents per kilowatt-hour.

After the primary facility is operational, Genco plans for a second facility to be commissioned in Eastern Ontario. A biomass processing facility will be added to the power generation module to maximize the profitability and efficiency of the facility.

The Ministry of Energy of Ontario
has mandated that over 2,000 MW of energy should be generated from renewable sources. Ontario has a current consumption of 22,000 MW per year which is expected to increase by 3.1 percent per year. In addition, the Ministry is projected to lose over 5,000 MW of energy from the shut down of non-renewable facilities.

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