GE Jenbacher Biogas Plant Helps Eliminate Animal Waste

Azienda Agricola 2G di Giuseppe and Paolo Gomiero, a commercial farming and cattle breeding company in Italy, has selected the Jenbacher gas engine from GE Energy to power the Baita del Latte farm’s first biogas plant. The power plant uses biogas created by the digestion of a wet mixture of animal waste, or slurry, as well as agricultural biomass materials such as corn and rye.

The plant will have an installed electric capacity of 1.06 megawatts (MW), with an efficiency of 40.8 percent and is equipped with a heat recovery system that utilizes the waste heat from the jacket water. The electricity produced will be supplied to the Italian power distribution network. The thermal energy will be recovered and used to power the biomass digestion process, the farm’s housing facilities and cattle sheds.

“In Italy, legislation on the incentives for on-site electrical power from renewable sources has aroused great interest in biogas plants. Today, more than ever, the practical and economic answers to Italy’s energy and environmental challenges can be found in initiatives like this one — especially if they produce the outcomes we expect,” said Mario Artoni, General Manager of GE Energy’s Jenbacher business in Italy.

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