GE Hydropower Factory Opens in Southeast China

GE Energy opened its new 43,000 square-meter manufacturing, engineering and service center 15 km outside Hangzhou, expanding to manufacture hydro turbines, generators and other hydro components.

Using lean manufacturing techniques and “zero inventory,” the facility tripled the number of numerically controlled (NC) machines and incorporated best practices from its hydro facilities in Canada and Norway. The new plant is supporting several major contracts, including the three-unit, 550-MW Pubugou Francis turbines project and the four-unit, 35-MW Xixiayuan Kaplan complete turbines and generators project. The Chinese partner for the joint venture is Hangzhou Industrial Assets Management Co., Ltd. “This successful partnership provides a solid foundation for our joint exploration and penetration into the China hydro energy market, which is full of opportunities and potential,” said Zhang Jinming, general manager, Hangzhou Industrial Assets Management Co., Ltd. Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang Province, located in southeast China. “GE’s Hangzhou facility is proving itself to be a critical platform in China and Asia,” said Steve Fludder, president and CEO of GE Energy China. “Now that we offer a broader range of hydro equipment, using state-of-the-art technologies and processes, GE enhances the value we bring to our customers.” GE Energy has been active in China for more than 90 years, supplying 70 steam turbines, 240 gas turbines, 197 wind turbines, 180 hydropower units and 300 compressors. Current GE Energy activities in China include gas turbine power plant construction, hydro, oil and gas and renewable energy projects as well as preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
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