Gas Pipeline Allows for New Biogas Plant

A previously announced WestPoint Dairy Project now will include a commercial pipeline for a new biogas plant. The WestPoint Dairy, on which ground breaking will begin this spring, is ITR’s second commercial biogas production facility and is the “anchor” dairy for the much larger Westside Project planned for the Wendell, Idaho area. Future plans for the Westside Project include an extensive networked biogas pipeline collection system, but that portion of the project was not programmed to begin until late 2006. However, based upon the gas production volumes being generated at the prototype Whitesides facility, the WestPoint facility will produce over 110 million cubic feet of gas per year and process 240 million pounds, 30 million gallons, of animal waste from that single location. The gas production makes the installation of a dedicated pipeline economically feasible. The design for the WestPoint facility is currently being modified to accommodate this change. The portion of the pipeline being included will also serve as the main trunk line for the larger Westside Project and will be the line to which future branch lines will connect as additional digester facilities are brought on line in the area. This is a significant step in that in allows the Company to accelerate its “Methane to Market” business objective by providing a critical link in distributing biogas to the consumer.
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