Full Cost Accounting of Energy; A Detailed Discussion about Future Wind Technologies

We know the market price of fossil energies, but do we know their true cost to society? In this week’s program, we’ll examine the concept of full cost accounting and how it could dramatically shift the energy landscape in favor of renewables.

We’ll speak with Financial Analyst J. Peter Lynch about the importance of quantifying the external costs of energy; Steve Barg of the International Institute for Sustainable Development on the value of “ecological goods and services”; and European Commission DG of Research Domenico Rossetti about ExternE, the European program for full cost accounting.

Also, we’ll have a detailed discussion on the wind industry between two experts: Consultant Andrew Garrad of Garrad Hassan and Eize De Vries, wind technology correspondent for Renewable Energy World Magazine.

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I am a reporter with ClimateProgress.org, a blog published by the Center for American Progress. I am former editor and producer for RenewableEnergyWorld.com, where I contributed stories and hosted the Inside Renewable Energy Podcast. Keep in touch through twitter! My profile name is: Stphn_Lacey

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