Fuel Tax Relief for Three ‘Green Fuel’ Pilot Projects in Britain

The British government has announced three companies that will undertake pilot projects to find alternative environmentally friendly transport fuels under its Green Fuel Challenge.

LONDON, England, UK, 2002-01-11 [SolarAccess.com] The Minister for Customs & Excise, Paul Boateng, says formal bids from BP, Enertech and zero-m have been accepted and, subject to European agreement, the projects will be granted duty exemptions to help demonstrate the environmental performance of alternative fuels. British Petroleum will undertake a hydrogen fueling infrastructure for fuel cell buses; Enertech will capture, compress and use landfill gas (biogas) in a variety of vehicles; and zero-m will test methanol in various vehicles and in the re-fueling infrastructure. “This is the beginning of a revolution in transport fuels,” says environment minister Michael Meacher. “Transport emissions are the fastest rising cause of greenhouse gases, and finding a cost effective green alternative to conventional fuels would make the biggest contribution to the U.K. achievement of its Kyoto targets. These pilot projects point the way to much bigger savings of greenhouse gases to come.” The pilot projects will start this year, with the BP project taking two years to complete and the Enertech and zero-M projects lasting five years. There will be a second stage of bids for pilot projects under the Green Fuel Challenge next spring.


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