Fuel Cell Engine Partnership Forms among Auto OEMs

Nuvera Fuel Cells reached a multi-year agreement with Fiat Powertrain Technologies and Centro Ricerche Fiat to research and develop a high-efficiency hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system for fuel cell vehicles. These partners will become the exclusive supplier of the new fuel cell powertrain to the Fiat Group, which includes Fiat Auto, IVECO, and Case New Holland. The partnership will be open to discuss possible supplies to OEMs worldwide.

The goal of this wide-reaching program is to enable Nuvera, Fiat Powertrain Technologies and Centro Ricerche Fiat to further develop a fuel cell powertrain system to allow automakers to develop a technically, economically and environmentally viable fuel cell vehicle in the near future. The system will combine the Nuvera Andromeda II stack with the specific plant and control system developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies and Centro Ricerche Fiat. Centro Ricerche Fiat underlines that the hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system has been developed with an air delivery system that was designed to match the requirements of the fuel cell stack. By designing the air system completely around the fuel cell stack, the purpose-built compressor delivers exactly what the fuel cell system requires across the entire operating range, allowing the higher efficiency and lower cost than other currently available compressor technologies. “This is a major milestone for Nuvera and the future of fuel cell vehicles,” said C. Roberto Cordaro, President and CEO of Nuvera Fuel Cells. “This new development, which further demonstrates Nuvera’s leadership in transportation fuel cells, will allow Nuvera to provide both fuel cell stacks and entire fuel cell systems to our partners and potential customers to help accelerate the development — and introduction — of fuel cell vehicles.”
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