FreeFlow Completes Tidal Turbine Trial

A vertical axis turbine that can generate power from the tidal movement of the sea, as well as from tidal rivers and inland waterways, has completed the first phase of its evaluation trials according to its development engineers. The Osprey tidal turbine from FreeFlow 69 Ltd is equipped with a hydraulic scissor lift, to lower and retract the turbine housing into the water flow, and is powered by two outboard engines.

The rig drives the turbines through still water to simulate a current or flow of water at different speeds and it incorporates calibrated instrumentation to determine the power output of the turbine, together with two systems for measuring the torque loading on the contra-rotating blades.

“We envisage that the first Osprey turbines could be in commercial operation, producing electricity, within the next two years and would also welcome the potential opportunity to partner with an appropriate, forward thinking energy supplier looking for a totally practical and advanced renewable energy solution to add to their portfolio,” said Pat Cooke, head of FreeFlow.

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