Free Flow & Lucid Energy Sign Development Deal

Free Flow Energy Inc. has completed a development agreement with Lucid Energy Technologies authorizing the use of the Gorlov Helical Turbine (GHT) in a Free Flow Energy turnkey hydrokinetic system.

The Free Flow Energy system will convert tidal and river currents into electricity in a manner considered more environmentally benign than conventional hydropower.  The GHT will also be used by Free Flow Energy in the design of a novel submersible generator.

“Free Flow Energy will ‘get it right the first time,’” said Rob Cinq-Mars, Free Flow Energy’s president.  “Every effort will be made to avoid the pitfalls and problems encountered by early installations of other renewable energy technologies.  The improper siting and sizing of wind turbines, for example, led to system failures and disappointing results.  Free Flow Energy will take a particularly thoughtful and considerate approach to siting and make every effort to ensure that what is promised is delivered.”

Invented by Prof. Alexander M. Gorlov of Northeastern University, the GHT turbine is licensed to a joint collaboration of GCK and Lucid Energy Technologies.  The turbine, which was at the heart of early testing by GCK Technology and Verdant Power, has demonstrated exceptional performance.

The Free Flow Energy turnkey hydrokinetic system will accommodate different power ranges and siting conditions. Initially an above-surface generator will be used.  The design of a submersible, rim-mounted, axial flux permanent magnet generator is currently underway. The first Free Flow Energy systems are non-utility scale, run-of-the-river power that do not require impoundments such as dams.

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