Francis Hydro Turbines (Mixed Turbines)

The features of the Francis Hydro Turbines (Mixed Turbines):

They operate in a head range of 10 meters to 300 meters and are primarily used for electrical power production. The power output ranges from 160KW to 20000KW, Runner diameters are between 0.35 and 2.5 meters. The speed range of the turbine is from 150 to 1000 rpm.

* Excellent peak efficiency.

* High efficiency also at partial water flow down to about 50%.

* 2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements.

* Bearings rated for more than 100 000 hours of operation.

* Guide vane control electrically or hydraulically.

* Complete range of specific speeds for runner design allows optimized matching to synchronous speed.

* Compact design and low maintenance requirements by rigorous selection of best suited materials and proper design.

ADDNEW’s Francis Hydro Turbines (Mixed Turbines) is used for middle & high water head with middling level of water flow and power stations of large load change.

Models and Parameters for parts of Francis Hydro Generating Sets (Mixed Turbines)

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