Blue Tower Pilot Project Breaks Ground

H2Herten GmbH, a subsidiary of the Solar Millennium Group, has started to lay the foundation stone of the Blue Tower demonstration plant in the town of Herten. The 42-meter plant will use roadside green cuttings from the Ruhr area to produce hydrogen and electricity.

The investment volume stands at around €24.6 million. Following its completion, the plant will produce hydrogen and, at the same time, provide around 12,000 homes — about a third of the homes in Herten — with electricity.
In the Blue Tower, roadside green cuttings are transformed into a hydrogen-rich product gas — called “Blue Gas” — which can be used in a combined heat and power plant to produce electricity. In addition, the Blue Tower can produce up to 150 cubic meters of hydrogen per hour during its primary expansion stage.  The hydrogen will provided to the neighboring Technology Center — a project of the town at Ewald and also a future location for a plant.
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