Food Refuse Powers Australian Plant

Western Sydney is home to Australia’s first power station fuelled by food waste, NSW Minister for Energy, Kim Yeadon, announced today at the opening of EarthPower Technologies’ bioenergy plant in Camellia.

New South Wales, Australia – March 7, 2003 [] “From today, Western Sydney food manufacturers, food retailers, restaurants and hotels can recycle up to 800,000 tons of waste a year to generate electricity,” Said Yeadon. “This waste would otherwise have gone to landfill.” When it’s fully operational, the plant will produce enough electricity to power around 3,000 homes, as well as high-grade organic fertilizer as a by-product. The new facility turns organic matter into gas which is then used to generate green electricity, creating multiple benefits for the community. The project represents a $36 million investment in New South Wales, and has created eight jobs directly, and up to 20 more in transport, retailing and delivery. It has been assisted by a AU$1 million dollar grant from the NSW Government. The plant will save 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. This is equivalent to taking 6,500 cars off the road. “This innovative venture is another example of cooperation between the public and private sectors in the NSW energy sector,” said Yeadon. “NSW Government has an ongoing commitment to Renewable Energy development, investing more than AU$22 million in new projects and attracting more than AU$100 million in private sector capital investment to NSW over the last five years.” Country Energy will be buying the power produced under a three-year multi-million dollar agreement, contributing to the national target for Renewable Energy. Managing Director of EarthPower Technologies, Gary Levin, said “the project’s success depended on commitment from both energy companies and waste producers. It demonstrates that Renewable Energy is both environmentally sustainable and commercially viable.”
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