Focus on Energy Awards New Grants

Focus on Energy, the state of Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy initiative, has awarded grants totaling $500,000 to two Wisconsin dairy farms in eastern Wisconsin. Grotegut Dairy Farm in Newton and Maple Leaf Dairy in Chilton were awarded the grants to help them complete work on their anaerobic digester projects.

These two newest grants are in addition to eight farm anaerobic digester grants that were announced in November 2007. Focus on Energy grants for anaerobic digesters on Wisconsin dairy farms now total more than $2 million. These grants will help each dairy farm install an anaerobic digester to produce both heat and electricity from organic waste material.

“When completed, the two most recent anaerobic digesters will generate approximately 900 kilowatts and 6,260,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year,” said Larry Krom, project manager for Focus. “That is enough energy to power 629 average Wisconsin homes.”

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