Focus on Biomass in 2005 Energy Bill

[] Key provisions in the 2005 Energy Bill that relate directly to biomass are summarized by Innovative Natural Resource Solutions in its Biomass Provisions in the 2005 Energy Bill. Greatly abbreviated, the brief covers the production tax credit for renewable electricity generation (Section 1301), which extends to two years the existing tax credit for electricity generation for open loop biomass (derived from forestry); facilities must be operating by end of 2007 to qualify. Also qualifying are wind, closed loop biomass, geothermal facilities, small irrigation and landfill gas. Biomass R&D (941) is to facilitate R&D of bio-based fuels and bio-products. Concerning conversion assistance for cellulosic biomass, waste-derived ethanol and approved renewable fuels (942) covers grants for the building of facilities that produce renewable fuels using cellulosic ethanol or other biofuels. Under grants to improve commercial value of forest biomass (210) is the Biomass Commercial Use Grant and the Improved Biomass Use Grants. Lastly, the Cellulosic Biomass ethanol and municipal solid waste loan guarantee program (1511). For the full brief, go to the following link.
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