Flying on Green Energy

The global aviation industry has committed to aggressive goals to reduce its GHG emissions, including achieving carbon neutral growth by 2020 and reducing emissions by 50 percent by 2050 compared to 2005 levels. Global renewable products company Amyris and major French energy company Total, have partnered to produce and deliver a new renewable biofuel for the aviation industry that will help it meet these aggressive goals.

Amyris partnered with Brazilian airline GOL to fly the industry’s first commercial flight with farnesane, the recently approved renewable jet fuel. Credit: Amyris

In addition to helping the commercial aviation reduce emissions, this renewable biofuel represents an opportunity for improving the efficiency of airplanes and flight operations. The renewable jet fuel can be blended directly with petroleum jet fuel without any changes to airplanes, engines or fueling infrastructure. Amyris will now begin to quantitatively measure the positive impact to GHG emissions and air quality with every flight using the renewable jet fuel.

The renewable jet fuel can be blended directly with petroleum jet fuel. Credit: Amyris

Play the video to hear more about the historic first flight that took place this summer involving these two forward-looking companies.


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