Florida Town Turns Sludge into Energy

Sanford, Florida will be the first municipality in North America to adopt the MaxWest gasification system to dispose of biosolids. MaxWest Environmental Systems has developed the gasification system, which converts sludge from the municipal wastewater treatment system into energy.

MaxWest will build a facility at a wastewater treatment plant. The end product of a sewer plant, wastewater sludge, also called biosolids, will be gasified in an enclosed primary gasifier to produce syngas. In a continuous integrated process, the syngas will be oxidized in an enclosed thermal oxidizer to produce thermal energy. For Sanford, the thermal energy will replace natural gas to power a new dryer.

“Compared to the projected cost of natural gas, a fossil fuel, Sanford will save $9,000,000 over the 20-year life of our contract,” said Paul Moore, the city’s utility director. “This technology has provided us with the opportunity to save money while managing our waste stream and protecting the environment.”

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