Florida Renewable Energy Technologies Get Grants

The Renewable Energy Technologies Grants Program, established by the Florida Energy Act to promote the statewide utilization of renewable energy technologies, awarded $15 million appropriated by the Florida Legislature.

At least $5 million will support bioenergy projects and $10 million will for toward projects that generate or utilize other renewable energy resources, including hydrogen, biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, waste heat and hydroelectric power. Recipients of the Renewable Energy Technologies Grant Program Bioenergy Projects are Citrus Energy LLC ($2.5 million), which will construct a four million gallons per year (mgy) ethanol bio-refinery to use citrus waste to produce ethanol and Alico, Inc. ($2.5 million), which will use biomass products to co-produce ethanol and electricity at a savings for consumers. Recipients of the Grant Program’s Renewable Energy Projects include Losonoco Inc. ($2.5 million), which will purchase, refurbish, and operate a shuttered fuel ethanol production facility; the University of Florida ($2,464,703), which will construct a small-scale demonstration plant using the University’s patented PoWER technology, including operation on a variety of liquid and gaseous biofuels; Florida Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation ($1,921,575), which will increase the use of solar technologies as well as strengthen and stabilize the solar energy industry in Florida; Kore Consulting Group ($1,802,567) will study and develop strategies to integrate renewable and sustainable energy technologies with the environmental goals of the community; Florida International University ($990,532) will determine the technical feasibility of using Florida sugarcane waste as a feedstock for a large-scale ethanol industry in the state; and the Florida Biomass Energy Consortium ($320,623, which will build and operate an integrated biomass gasification system to replace natural gas use with biogas for an industrial user.
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