Florida Farm Bureau Supports Renewable Energy Initiative

Florida Farm Bureau Federation President Carl B. Loop Jr. said the state’s largest general agricultural organization strongly supports development of renewable energy sources that can be produced in the Sunshine State.

“I believe Florida agriculture has vast potential to support the national goal of increasing renewable energy from domestic sources to reduce our dependence on imported oil and strengthen our economy,” Loop said. “We support increasing renewable energy from domestic sources. We are particularly interested in renewable biomass that can be produced by Florida’s agriculture industry.” Biomass sources include agricultural waste, trees, forest residues, perennial grasses and other crops. Loop has appointed a staff task force that will work in concert with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, University of Florida/IFAS and other agencies and groups to investigate the potential for using non-food based biomass to produce fuels for transportation, generating electricity and other energy needs. “I have had conversations with Commissioner of Agriculture Charles Bronson and share his belief in Florida agriculture’s potential to contribute substantially to efforts to reduce dependence on foreign petroleum for our energy,” Loop said.
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