Flex Fuel Gets the Go Ahead, Here and Abroad

Calling on automakers to increase the production and availability of flex-fuel vehicles — those that can be powered by E85, a high percentage ethanol blend and other biofuels — Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Alexander A. Karsner recently addressed an audience of auto manufacturer officials and members of the World Environmental Council at a biofuels symposium in Washington, DC.

“We need to have more flex-fuel vehicles on the market of all vehicle types and classes,” said Karsner. “It should be our common goal that biofuels, including E85, become a nationwide fuelling option, and we in the Department of Energy will be relentless in pursuing all the possibilities of enhancing the rate of market penetration and availability of these proven options for substituting clean burning, cost-effective renewable fuels for today’s unsustainable gasoline dependency.” Assistant Secretary traveled to Brussels to strengthen transatlantic relations on biofuels, alternative energy and climate change. He presented the President’s Advanced Energy Initiative (AEI), showing how the United States and Europe can promote new technology, alternative energy and biofuels. “I think this is an important dialogue on the convergence of policies to encourage less petroleum dependency and greater use of renewable fuels and clean energy technology amongst the Western alliance of democratic nations,” Karsner said. “These efforts are part of the sustained follow-up to the 2005 G8 Summit at Gleneagles, Scotland,” said Karsner. “The G8 leaders of the world’s industrialized nations agreed with President Bush on a far-reaching Plan of Action — on climate change, clean energy and sustainable development.”
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