First Geothermal Power Plant in Sabalan, Iran

[Mehr News Agency] Iran’s first geothermal power plant is to be constructed in Sabalan, Ardebil Province. The plant may produce up to 500 MW clean electricity, the advisor to Renewable Energies Bureau of Renewable Energies Organization of Iran (REOI) Morteza Elahi Qomsheii said, according to Mehr News Agency. Qomsheii, a professor of the University of Canada and serving as an advisor to Energy Affairs Directorate of REOI, stated that the country’s geothermal power production capacity may well be at 6,000 MW and the selection of Sabalan as the region to host the power plant came after conducting necessary studies and researches at the site. Given the worldwide studies done on this type of energy, it is considered as a suitable substitute for fossil fuels and the matter can be integrated into the government’s giant energy projects. To read the full story, go to the following link.


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