First Fuel Additive Approved for Both Diesel and Biodiesel

[] GTAT California’s fuel additive Viscon has been approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as an aid in achieving that state’s new emissions mandates. To date, it is the only product approved for use with #2 diesel and a 20 percent biodiesel blend. Designated by the EPA as a fuel-blending component, Viscon has met and exceeded TCEQ’s stringent testing requirements. Viscon improves combustion efficiency by making the air/fuel mixture more uniform. Initially created to moderate the size, heat, volatility, and smoke from jet fuel explosions, the additive is a high-molecular weight, pure hydrocarbon polymer. Applications for the raw PIB include fuel enhancers, chewing gum, and food-grade-quality additives. Approval of GTAT’s Viscon product for TxLED formulation was based on work funded in part by a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
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