First Container Load of Biodiesel for Asia

September 9, 2004 [] American Biofuels (ABF), a biodiesel production company 35 percent owned by Green Star Products, Inc., announced that its first container load of U.S. produced biodiesel is on its way to Asia. The ABF shipment is believed to be the largest order of biodiesel ever shipped from the United States to Asia. The oceangoing container carries approximately 6,000-gallons of biodiesel packaged in over 100-barrels. This is a first major step in opening Asian markets to U.S. produced biodiesel and biodiesel technology. Asian economies involve over 2.5-billion people. China and India’s economies alone are expanding at the largest rates in history and will soon dwarf economic growth within the United States and Europe. They are now importers of oil and their rapidly growing demand for petroleum is causing significant pollution problems in their cities.
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