First Commercial Plant in U.S. to Produce Biofuel from Wood

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation and its subsidiary, Dynamotive USA, Inc., announced plans to invest $24 million to build the first fully commercial industrial biofuel plant in the U.S that uses wood by-products. The facility will be located on a site in Willow Springs, Missouri, approximately 180 miles southwest of St. Louis.

The modular, second-generation biomass-to-biofuel plant is designed to use Dynamotive’s fast pyrolysis process to convert 200 tons of wood by-products and residues from nearby sawmills into 34,000 gallons of BioOil per day. Development and construction of the plant will be implemented by Dynamotive’s U.S. management, and supported by Dynamotive’s engineering team and its partners.

“The commercialization of BioOil adds another element to our arsenal of renewable fuels that can help address a previously neglected segment of our oil use: industrial boiler fuels. As such it complements, rather than competes with, fuel ethanol and biodiesel,” said Lt. Col. (Ret.) William C. Holmberg, Chairman of the Biomass Coordinating Council.

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