First Canadian Geothermal Power Lease Shows Promise

Independent analysis indicates a large high temperature geothermal reservoir under the only geothermal lease issued in Canada for the commercial production of electricity, claims the site developer.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (CA) 2002-01-29 [] North Pacific GeoPower Corp is proceeding to develop its Meager Creek geothermal site, 170 km north of Vancouver, with an estimated development potential of 200 MW of electricity. The company is a subsidiary of Crew Development Corp, which says an independent analysis of a recently completed Magneto-Telluric geophysical survey supports the model of a large, hot geothermal reservoir. The model, presented by GeothermEx of California last July, outlines a plume of hot fluids rising under Pylon Peak to the north of earlier drill holes, and spreading to the south in a relatively shallow tongue. The M-T survey appears to confirm low-resistivity areas where such underground plumes are thought to exist. A three well temperature-gradient diamond-drilling program will be completed this spring, to verify that the resistivity anomaly is due to the presence of hot water. The first hole in the series is half way to its planned depth of 1,200 m on the western edge of the assumed plume. In anticipation that the program will validate the model, the company is planning a two-well production test program following completion and analysis of the drilling, to confirm the presence of economic flow rates sufficient to supply a commercial geothermal power plant. Over a projected 25-year production life for the geothermal field, 200 MW of production is the energy equivalent of 100 million barrels of oil.
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